Our unique approach to national and international current events is designed to shake up the comatose print media and chasten its titillating sophomoric twin, both of which appear to be functioning in nonexistent parallel worlds of their own creation, but have no relation to current reality.

Our primary aim is to feature cutting-edge reports on real-life social developments and problems rather than make-believe “crises” dreamed up by Big Media to boost circulation and TV audience share.

Our service will also feature fiction, which is being prepared, and will be offered for sale  in the form of novels and a collection of short stories.  There will also be a collection of serious essays and analyses of sociopolitical developments in post-Sixties America—also known as the Second American Republic among the cognoscenti, based on the Second American Republic Theory formulated by our resident social theorist, Marc Rangel, during his 30-odd years of intensive observation.

Other short pieces on domestic social and sociopolitical issues, as well as international affairs related to the Western world and those of the Third World of a tribocultocratic nature, will be offered in easy doses and a variety of forms, such as mini essays and articles on specific topics.  In addition, there will also be brain teasers and capsule comments on all manner of cultural curiosa—all offered free to Net browsers as a public service.

As our name implies, our primary aim at New Think Press, as independent thinkers who are not interested in the tired and tiresome rhetoric of the obsolete Left/Right movements, will be to encourage and promote an honest and enlightened approach to national affairs, devoid of personal, factional or bizarre and impractical agendas.

As we embark on the new Millennium, America seems to be socially spinning out of control, and while we do not claim to have any guaranteed solutions to offer, we do believe that what we need is more honest and less hype in the public arena.  We Americans are so PR-dominated and celebrity-driven that we have become robotized, and it time to regain our personal independence as self-respecting individuals.  America should represent Hope rather than Despair.

Arise, fellow Americans!  You have nothing to lose but your self-imposed blinkers!!

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